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Sights and Attractions in the U Street Neighborhood of Washington, DC

U Street is a neighborhood in Washington, D.C. located in Cardoza, just up the street from downtown D.C. The neighborhood is very culturally rich as it was once a very important place for jazz culture and African American history in the early 1900s. The streets here were roamed by jazz legends such as Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. As a result, there are great music halls in this area.

There are a few famous restaurants located in the U Street corridor. Ben’s Chili Bowl is extremely popular among tourists and locals alike. This neighborhood is also home to a number of Ethiopian restaurants, which give the area its nickname of Little Ethiopia. The food is cooked with intriguing spice blends and lots of flavor but the food is all eaten with your hands! If you like dc rooftop bars, be sure to check out Takoda DC, a popular whiskey bar in the area with a rooftop lounge, just off of Florida Avenue.

There is an enormous statue of Duke Ellington who has been nationally recognized as a symbol of Washington, D.C. Be sure to check out all of the Victorian-era houses built shortly after the Civil War. The presence of so many jazz musicians led the area to create a number of music venues, many of which are still standing today. Lincoln Theatre, Bohemian Caverns, U Street Music Hall, and a couple other venues all call this area home.

U Street

Farmer’s Market
The farmer’s market is a great way to enjoy the atmosphere of the neighborhood. The produce is fresh and brought in early Saturday morning to be sold between 9a.m. and 1p.m. It is a must see attraction for anyone interested in food. The market is only open from May until November.

African American Civil War Museum and Cemetery
The memorial is a great bronze statue paying homage to the two hundred thousand soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War. At the museum, you can learn about the contribution to the war effort made by African-Americans at a time when their freedom was at stake.

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